Some Subtweets

by Darius Kazemi

(Auto-refreshes every two minutes)

i thought that i was dreaming when you said you love me

Why do people ruin good whiskey with water? Have some self respect.

why would you have to go and knock me out me out when i let you in?

Why do people wear weed hats in London?? It just gives feds another reason to take the piss.

Why do you deny yourself heaven? Why do you consider yourself undeserving?

Sucks when you wanna be with somebody & you cant be with them 🙄

When you wanna get wings before work but running to late to get them

The only thing that sucks about being single is when you wanna just watch movies and hug someone and you don't have anyone to do that with.

Love is when you wanna put your beloved one in a jar and hide him/ her under your bed.

When you wanna go to all the festivals but you also need to buy a car... WORK EXCHANGE/ VOLUNTEERING PROGRAMS FOR THE WINNNN

Let me know when you wanna learn some more about life .

You said do I wanna watch, do I know what time it is right now

candy corn is so nasty why do people like it like ?????? no

I don't hate you, I'm just disappointed you turned into everything you said you'd never be

why do people unironically follow 9volt

Oh my goddd why do people let me chug bottles

I wont ever be sad when you make me stop fucking with you Because you might've dropped me but i told you nothing but the truth

When you wanna cry but you don't wanna mess up your makeup

When you said your last goodbye, I died a little bit inside.

why would you place your entire self worth in someone else's hands

Make me laugh, make me smile, make me love, make me care, make me scared of losing you, make me sad and make me happy. -You?

Why do people lie over small stuff???

Who, tell me baby who knows you better than I do? You said it out your own mouth..

The person I was with you, was the first time I've truly felt like myself. When I'm with YOU, you make me comfortable being ME.

why do people get so angry about mu opinions? Like you tell someone i think this mu is even and if they disagree they start yelling at you

Why do people put up with being mistreated?

So we get to her and I'm like you told him to come talk to me and she say yea and I'm like but he here with you why would you do that

why do people who have mental illnesses think that it excludes them from being wrong ????