Some Subtweets

by Darius Kazemi

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Like no matter how RIDICULOUS your preferences are, your size is outside. Why do you wanna be mad at the ones that don't want to be part?

Why do people still not know the difference between genuinely and generally

I thought that I was dreaming When you said you loved me

Why do people assume things and really have no idea of what's really going on.

Why do people have the perspective that economists are stingy?

I thought that I was dreaming when you said you loved me

What you said and what you did is two different things. Think abt it.

Why do people insist on talking to me when I have headphones in.

aww ryo you're such a cute little loser sometimes lol.

ʷʰʸ   ʷʰʸ       ʷʰʸ     ʷʰʸ     ʷʰʸ   ʷʰʸ   why do you play with my feelings ʷʰʸ         ʷʰʸ        ʷʰʸ ʷʰʸ

Trump has big rally for white people none for blacks mexicans Muslims he dont know them so why would you vote for him he dont know you peopl

Sony, the McDonalds employee that spits on your burger right in front of you before they hand it to. Why do people even support that shit?

Why do people look for mysterious meanings in this painting?

i thought i was dreamin' when you said you loved me

Chapter 7 verse 14. The telling of Jesus and his birth. Why do people that don't believe in Jesus believe in Isaiah and the Old Testament.

Why do people always ask 'why you so tall' - the question is why are you so short...

Why did you have to leave me when you said that dreaming was as good as reality? PAK GANERN MARIS RACAL

I get it. Possessive when you wanna be or when I'm happy with someone else 🙃

Leslie Jones worked for DECADES before anything good happened for her. Why would you slander someone who embodies the American Dream?


pls i just wanted to make a toastie why do you have to do this to me

Why would you put crab in scrambled egg

It sucks when you wanna text someone but you can't

why do people bother me as soon as i get up like leave me the fuck alone. dont text me, call me, tweet me, talk to me. leave. me. alone.

Thought You Was Real Cause The Things You Said Thought You Was RealCause You Ain't Invade My Checks

why do people favourite your tweets then un favourite them 🙄

shinobu found it for him!!! and leo was like OOHH YOU'RE SUCH A GOOD PERSON

Why do people still attack you if they know you're already hurt? Some just like to prey on the wounded cause they're too weak themselves

You have no idea how much l like you. How much you make me smile, how much l love talking to you, or how much l wish you were here.

Why do people feel the need to talk to me early in the morning? Like, please shut the fuck up.