Some Subtweets

by Darius Kazemi

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Why Do You Always Throw Shit Up In My Face That Idgaf About I Have My Own Damn Problems

I hate when people bash people over personal information over social media... like you're such a hardass lol

When you wanna just tweet about your life but you know social media ain't your diary

Im sorry but why would you name your kids that

I'm not as bad as you make me sound

Why do people always take things the wrong way

Dislike the twins names all you want but why would you tag your hate for them to Jensen and Danneel that's so rude

why do you think it's acceptable for yall to sit up here and make fun of a child's hair and facial features? fucking sociopaths istg

you can't be stubborn when you wanna keep someone in your life.

I really, really like you. But why do you keep running away from me huh?? Huh?!?!â€Ļ

oh 10 page paper, why do you refuse to write yourself


Damn it tech why do you always get my hopes up just to crush it in the end!

Secret? Why do you need to know mine? Secrets were meant to hide.

I don't understand why you have so much control over my emotions you make me feel so much while you probably feel nothing

HMU when you wanna catch all this faithfulness & love instead of all these clapbacks & hands

When you wanna ask your friends to hit the bars on a Saturday night but remember they don't like human interaction and are married.

just lemme know when you wanna talk, I don't wanna force anything.

Don't agree with Mahesh Shah. Why would you give someone else the money to convert in an amnesty scheme? You'd do it on your own.

When you wanna do a light face but end up doing contouring and all. ☚ī¸

why do people make flipagrams of their selfies and post it on IG?

why do people try to be apart of your life even though they have no meaning in it ?

Absolute worst when you wanna pretend something never happened but there's reminders of it absolutely everywhere 🙃

when you wanna pattern her but your g already did...ah ego how acquainted we've become

If Barbie's so popular then why do you have to buy her a boyfriend?

When you wanna go in on somebody but you're trying to reform 🙃

How many refugees can you fit your home and why do you let them in?

Idk man in what universe would I give my number to a stranger at a gas station in a state I don't live in?? Why do people do this shit