Some Subtweets

by Darius Kazemi

(Auto-refreshes every two minutes)

i'm so fucking mad & it didn't even happen to me why the fuck can't you just keep to yourself why do you have to spread other people's shit

Who are you today Will you be the sun Or the pouring rain Who are you tomorrow Will you make me smile Or just bring me sorrow já to chorando

Why do people wear hats indoors? Are they expecting a leak???

Why would you mess with Jimmy Butler?!?!

You make me the happiest girl on Earth.

When you wanna messge Oloni bout the recent topic but u remember your a nun now.....😬

Damn, I want to go to for SDVX and for EZ2AC. Why, East Asia, why do you have so many decent VSRG?

You make me realise that life is worth living

okay but why do people make such a big deal about graduation. like yay you're done but you'll see your friends again chill

why do people let dumb fucks control the world?

And not gonna lie it hurt a little when you said you didn't want me ..

You don't know how sick you make me. You make me fuckin' sick to my stomach; Every time I think of you I puke

why do people think it's okay to steal other's work and claim it their own??? just?? don't do it

idk if im more sad or mad why would you say that to him ugh.. and the fact that he agreed

Sucks when you wanna kiss your man but he's only in your cellphone thousands of miles away

why do people on ebay bid on things when they're not even close to ending. why. i hate humanity

When are you going to learn?.. god damn it. Why do you always have to fucking learn the hard way?

Yoga class??? I thought you said POUR A GLASS

Why do people make fun of me for using uber I just don't want to drink and drive

Compliments are nice but can you make me laugh

If you dont like me why would you follow me on every social media possible lol ? Idgi 🤷🏽‍♀️

Why do people choose to not believe in climate change & global warming? What are you going to gain from that?

I'm genuinely curious. Why would you go to such lengths?

Why would you want to break a perfectly good heart

Why would you ever think playing stupid is cute

Shit why do i have 100 followers why do people follow me??

Dont ya hate it when you wanna be comfy and take your makeup off but it's too much of a masterpiece that taking it off would be a waste?

Don't bother to apologise if you're going to continue doing things you said sorry for

Why do people constantly worry about what everyone else is doing? Worry about yourself and see how much happier you are.