Some Subtweets

by Darius Kazemi

(Auto-refreshes every two minutes)

why do people go back to the things that make them miserable??!?!

when niggas posting furry porn on the internet, you just wonder why they exist, like, why would you do this

Why do people in movies never brush their teeth

When you wanna sleep but gotta wait for your drunk friend to come and pass out first 😑

I don't understand how people can abuse animals. You're such a shitty person if you do.

honestly why would you drag me outside when it's going to be 40 degrees C yikes

When you wanna run and tell your parents everything but you grown and gotta fight your own battles now

Why do people retweet date-sensitive old tweets?

We had 26 singers tonight at KarOke I get ask the question why do you sing in bars ?see facbook romorrow. I'll answer

why do people keep making noises that are annoying. like talking, that's very annoying.

Are cows bred for consumption in this country ? If not then why would you want to eat an old sick cow or some poor farmer's stolen one ?

you're such a dork I love you so much. you're tweeting so much lately it makes me so happy!! I get so excited seeing your lil clover in

Who do you think the devil is and why do you think he only exists in my mind?

when you wanna get out of the house for a while but have no means of being able to go anywhere or anyone to meet up with [rolls] so bored

I wanna dance with you right now and you look as beautiful as ever & I swear that every day you get better you make me feel this way somehow

when you wanna eat but you can't cause it's ramadan 🙂 i am seriously going to stuff my face when it's finally time to eat 🙃

If congressional republicans don't enact and pass Trump's agenda, they will lose in the midterms and beyond. Do what you said you will do!

when you wanna to drink but your only two friends are ignoring your calls <

why do people that aren't black INSIST on saying the nWord? like there are even black people that don't. so why y'all itching to say it?

Why do people think it's hot or cute to act like a baby like wtf that shit just weird

So who is Bella Thorne, why is she famous, and why do people hate her lmao?

Why do people chose to lie over little things?

but for some reason everyone was trying to exchange their wow cookies,,, that boy is so soft and precious, why would you??

Why do you like to invite yourself in a conversation that doesn't concerns you? You're a pest, do you know that?

Why do people always include pics of themselves and the birthday person on a Facebook post like do they need to prove they know the person?

Heinz is the only true ketchup why do people Fuck around!!!! Pay the extra $0.10 Jesus Christ

TT A TT Ren-chan why do you have to be mean to me?

If you have someone whos completely down for you and willing to treat you right, why would you ruin that in any way?


Why do people gotta be such two faces