Some Subtweets

by Darius Kazemi

(Auto-refreshes every two minutes)

why do people gotta twist my words .

Sufjan why do you make me cry every time I listen to you this is not good for me


why do people think i killed jason blossom

Why do people still continuously use the it works wraps as their ONLY form of weight loss? Soooo annoying.

When you wanna do bad things but you need your bffs confirmation first

I can't watch 5 second of a video about torturing animals without crying why do people post these things

Who tf egged my boyfriends house. Why do people gotta be low?

🤕🤕 girl you're such a sweetheart, I love you gorgeous

You make me smile, for now... that's more than enough.

Why do people post everytime they drink or smoke. Do people really think it's that cool to do that???

The more and more I think about what you said makes me want to prove you wrong that much more

Why do people tend to put more effort before getting the girl

why do you use twitter. this is a serious question. i am doing an interview tomorrow and need to have some real statistics help

You're such a beautiful human and my heart cannot take it.

If they are down for u and only you, why would you want to screw it up????

you're such a whack ass female if someone asks you what kind of makeup products you use & you don't tell them because you're bitter smh

Never had anybody make me happy like you make me happy

Why would you go around saying somebody boyfriend in your phone & not tell the girl? That's stupid lol

You make me feel like i am whole again

Why do people love comparing artists? Can't you enjoy both?

Why do you want to be so far but it's still does feel it is this? can't just kinda putting random things.

Why do people ignore someone... to try to get their attention.?? Think about that for a second. Attention gets my attention.

Why do people say streak? Like is it really that hard to have a conversation with the person?

you make me happier than i thought i could ever be

Why do people state they love their cars but try to sell it at the fist chance they get?🤔

how can you say elounor is goals when you said the same about louielle 4 months ago basically anything heterosexual is goals these days